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Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a GIS professional

2009/11/15 Comments off

mostly because of garbage like this:

Ugh. (via)

I guess it’s not totally their fault; ESRI certainly has a lot to answer for in the whole design process. But still, who in their right mind thinks the ‘ribbon’ is a good bit of UI design? Or that it is an appropriate solution on every web mapping site? No one. Between this and the magical, just transparent enough so that you can’t read the legend floaty box deal on web 2.0 maps, it’s just embarrassing. And what the hell is up with those tabs? Oy.


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NYC Subway Ridership Simplified

2009/07/01 Comments off
MTA Ridership through time (via feltron)

MTA Ridership through time (via feltron)

This is excellent. It is exactly what it says it is—the visualization of MTA ridership by station over time. Not having been to New York, but having seen the graphic ‘brand’ of the subway floating around the internet, I’d say that the colors and certainly the design of the identify window is pretty spot on. But mostly, look!, there’s no chart junk! You get a couple of display options (absolute/relative numbers and lines/dots), a nice little timeline slider and the minimum navigation required. Because really, you don’t need the whole world to display the NYC subway system. The greyed out background gives you context without overwhelming the data points.

Mostly, though, the colored dots just make me happy.