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Oh sweet mother of Ackbar

2009/12/18 Comments off

Best. Single. Page. Weather. Forecast. Ever.

Weather for San Francisco

Weather for Denver

“You may have to climb inside a tauntaun for warmth.” Oh, dear.

There’s also Naboo, Yavin 4 (“Also bits of the Death Star might fall on your head”), and Tatooine. Maybe more but I need to stop laughing for a while and catch my breath. This might have to be my home page from now on. Holy cow, I love the interwebs.

Star Wars Weather Forecast

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Analog weather

2009/04/13 Comments off

This has been floating around the webs for a while. The site is generally called an analog weather site and basically gives you the forecast for next 2 days. 

Forecast for Dublin

Forecast for Dublin

I’m not really sure why they’re calling it analog. The images aren’t functionally different from the NWS forecast-at-a-glance; they’re just nicer.  Don’t get me wrong, I do really like this site. It certainly appeals to that whole handmade, retro vibe as well as tapping in to the trend of one page web apps (remember Is Obama President?), but using the Yahoo weather service is about as digital as you can get. Strong design != analog. Analog would be looking out the window.

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