GIS Coding

Be aware of what you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to admit it. But also don’t be afraid to commit to learning it when the opportunity arises.

It probably isn’t impossible. It might be very difficult or so far beyond my comfort zone that it’s not really doable, but it’s not impossible. 

It’s probably been done before. Or something similar has been done before so it’s really not so great a leap. If they can do it, I can do it. Or at least give it my best effort. 

Try it again. Even if you have something working, try to improve it. Even if it’s only for your benefit (and it really is to your benefit), work on it. Think about it. Apply those lessons to the next task. When you read about something new, think about how you would apply those ideas to what you’ve done before. 

I have very little respect for anyone who says something is impossible or just too hard when the reality is that they simply aren’t willing to put forth the effort. Move beyond your comfort zone; strive to learn something new everyday.

Park yourself at the forums and the help pages. Sign up for email newsletters or subscribe to RSS feeds for areas you want to learn more about. Every so often, just have a poke around what other people are doing. You never know when you’ll find some useful tip. 

Don’t assume that because you’ve successfully completed a tutorial or an introductory book about coding that you are in any way an expert. So don’t act like one.

Understand that the cutting edge is not always the best place to be. Consider your audience.

Jargontastic diatribes are nice, but if your client/coworker/audience glazes over, you’ve lost. Of course, if too many of your coworkers (and especially those who are trying to lead) have that blind-to-the-world, I’m-thinking-about-shoes look all of the time, run away.  

Own up to your mistakes. And then go fix them. And try not to make the same ones again.

Go do it.

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