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I participated in SCIENCE!

2010/07/18 Comments off

Extracurricular science, anyway. See, I’d run across a story about an educational/research related water resources game a few months ago, got all excited about getting to play what sounded like a watershed management game online, and then nothing. Turns out the game isn’t actually online in the sense that anyone can play but online meaning some researcher could run it from a computer lab. Not the same, people. Fast forward to last week when a flyer went up in the lobby of my building asking for participants to play a water resources game. I am not afraid to say that I made an enormous, and erroneous, assumption. Namely that the local game was related to the first game. I’m not sure who else I made an ass of other than myself (and that I did privately, thank you), but I spent some time this afternoon participating in some SCIENCE! regardless. Wearing socks that didn’t match.

So the today’s game had nothing to do with the educational game played somewhere near the Chesapeake. And didn’t really seem to be a game at all. It seemed much more like an in-class demonstration of game theory with a survey tacked on the end. I’m pretty sure that the researchers are trying to suss out something about people’s attitudes towards farmers (as sources of nonpoint source pollution) given an individual’s stance on the environment. Maybe. I honestly can’t imagine what they’re going to get from this that wasn’t already out there. But maybe there was some ulterior motive like how long did we take to answer the questions or something.

Oh well. I think from now on I’ll stick to counting fireflies or marking craters on the moon for my extracurricular science activities. Unless someday someone puts a watershed management game online. That would be a little bit of awesome.


Festivus is upon us

2009/12/25 Comments off

and while my gingersnap Ben & Jerry’s does not have Festivus printed on it even though it is the Festivus limited edition ice cream (what the heck is up with that?), I did run across a fascinating and important single page site that you can enjoy year round:

Is it Christmas?

The cursor is apparently my gift to you. Enjoy!

Oh sweet mother of Ackbar

2009/12/18 Comments off

Best. Single. Page. Weather. Forecast. Ever.

Weather for San Francisco

Weather for Denver

“You may have to climb inside a tauntaun for warmth.” Oh, dear.

There’s also Naboo, Yavin 4 (“Also bits of the Death Star might fall on your head”), and Tatooine. Maybe more but I need to stop laughing for a while and catch my breath. This might have to be my home page from now on. Holy cow, I love the interwebs.

Star Wars Weather Forecast

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Too right

2009/12/05 Comments off

When it’s this easy to ping Yahoo or Google services to get the weather, every yahoo puts up a site. Today’s example of a one page wonder tells it like it is:

the weather for Inkom, Id

Note the small comment—Where’s a Tauntaun when you need one? Probably right behind you, mate. Not the greatest design (although a nice, high end, Swiss grid dealie with helvetica would be amusing; you know, for the contrast between ‘wang icicles’ and classiness), but at least it’s honest.

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Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a GIS professional

2009/11/15 Comments off

mostly because of garbage like this:

Ugh. (via)

I guess it’s not totally their fault; ESRI certainly has a lot to answer for in the whole design process. But still, who in their right mind thinks the ‘ribbon’ is a good bit of UI design? Or that it is an appropriate solution on every web mapping site? No one. Between this and the magical, just transparent enough so that you can’t read the legend floaty box deal on web 2.0 maps, it’s just embarrassing. And what the hell is up with those tabs? Oy.


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A little IE6 smackdown

2009/11/13 Comments off

and another site to add to our list of one page wonders. This time around it’s Is IE6 Older Than Your Grandpa?


Ain't he a cutie?

Sadly, no highly entertaining wackaloonery in the source, but you can’t have everything. Could also use a little tweaking on the layout (unless, of course, the designer is making a statement about the horrors of IE6 dev and the disaster that is CSS compliance, in which case, good on you).


Daylight savings. Thpbbpt.

2009/11/01 Comments off

In all of the calculations that they put into deciding when daylight savings should be and how much awesome money we’ll save on energy, etc, did it not once occur to anyone that maybe ensuring that we now leave work (assuming 9-5 hours) in the dark is utterly depressing? And depressing in a way that, hooray, it’s light when I leave for work just doesn’t compensate for. It wouldn’t surprise me if we spend all of our energy savings (and that is actually an uncertain premise) on things to combat the ick.

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