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Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a GIS professional

2009/11/15 Comments off

mostly because of garbage like this:

Ugh. (via)

I guess it’s not totally their fault; ESRI certainly has a lot to answer for in the whole design process. But still, who in their right mind thinks the ‘ribbon’ is a good bit of UI design? Or that it is an appropriate solution on every web mapping site? No one. Between this and the magical, just transparent enough so that you can’t read the legend floaty box deal on web 2.0 maps, it’s just embarrassing. And what the hell is up with those tabs? Oy.


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A little IE6 smackdown

2009/11/13 Comments off

and another site to add to our list of one page wonders. This time around it’s Is IE6 Older Than Your Grandpa?


Ain't he a cutie?

Sadly, no highly entertaining wackaloonery in the source, but you can’t have everything. Could also use a little tweaking on the layout (unless, of course, the designer is making a statement about the horrors of IE6 dev and the disaster that is CSS compliance, in which case, good on you).


Daylight savings. Thpbbpt.

2009/11/01 Comments off

In all of the calculations that they put into deciding when daylight savings should be and how much awesome money we’ll save on energy, etc, did it not once occur to anyone that maybe ensuring that we now leave work (assuming 9-5 hours) in the dark is utterly depressing? And depressing in a way that, hooray, it’s light when I leave for work just doesn’t compensate for. It wouldn’t surprise me if we spend all of our energy savings (and that is actually an uncertain premise) on things to combat the ick.

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