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I moved a few years ago from a large metro area to a medium-ish metro area. My commute dropped from 25-45 minutes each way to just over 5 minutes. Hooray for me, I’m saving the world! Well, at least some carbon. And even though it’s cut down on the driving and the gas bills, it’s come with a bit of a downside. I used to resolve a lot of design and coding issues driving and now I’m home and focusing on other things before the brain can wrap around the day’s fun. I haven’t found anything else to replace that nice chunk of time.

Alternatives for inspiration while driving:

  • shoveling snow (unfortunately cannot be relied on, even in winter)
  • raking (again, pretty seasonal)
  • showers (a traditional standby)

There must be other minimally distracting tasks that leave enough room for problem-solving out there. I definitely don’t want to shovel more snow than I have to.

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