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A little confused about CARS


I thought, based on the chatter around the treehugging blogosphere (yes, including treehugger.com), that the cash for clunkers program would not really do much of anything for anybody. Wasn’t the rebate supposed to be very limited in terms of the type of car you could trade in, so much so that few clunkers would actually be eligible?

Also, I would like to remind some of the less thoughtful people that in a lot of the country, having a car is critical to having a job. The pundits screaming about how people shouldn’t be buying cars but rather spending on food and housing are missing one of the fundamental problems with the country—poor public transit, poor planning and so on. Perhaps it’s living in the midwest, far away from large metropolitan centers, but access to reliable transportation in smaller towns can mean having work or not. Or having healthcare or not. Until we can completely redesign the built world we live in, that will probably always be true.

Maybe I’m just annoyed that, again, the people who acted responsibly (i.e. buying a home within their means or buying a good car) get hosed while those that didn’t get bailouts. Or are perceived to get bailouts. Not entirely applicable, but I would like to run around shouting Dunning-Kruger pretty much non-stop these days.

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