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Fun with physics


After reading that the downfall of western society is due to prepackaged hard-boiled eggs, I thought I’d try a method to get the yolks centered (the physics part). From what I remember, you turn the carton over for a day and then six-ish hours before you boil them, you turn the carton on its side. So basically, let the yolks sink to the bottom, turn it over so they sink to the middle and then put it sideways to center them horizontally.

I think I did it wrong.

The yolks were pretty much where they always are when I boil eggs—down along one edge of the fat end. Oh well. It hardly makes a difference for egg salad.

It does make for some fun times at the office:

Coworker: Ran some errands?

Me: Had to go flip my eggs.

Coworker: (really blinky) What?

Me: I went to flip my eggs. So the yolks would be centered.

Coworker: (more blinking) Why?

Me: I think that’s my phone…

And then the server went pear-shaped.

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