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What happens in the greenest building on campus*


The building is 9 stories plus basement. The head of a unit on the seventh floor has ordered everyone on that floor to take their banana peels down to the first floor and toss the peels in the trash can outside the entrance. This generally entails two trips on the elevator, most of which with the banana-eater as the sole occupant. All this despite the fact that the breakroom (one on each floor) trash is emptied every morning. *facepalm*

Other incongruities since the director has made his “We are the greenest building on campus” spiel:

  • installing 4 large plasma screen TVs to display the benefits of the units in the building to the non-existent people in the lobbies.
  • having a staff member put up at least one printed schedule for the daily events in the building in every lobby (probably 20 prints a day).
  • adding motion sensors to all of the lights (which sounds great until you realize that now the bathroom lights actually stay on 5 min longer each visit than they had before).
  • telling everyone that the monitor and printer lights were unimportant (so maybe you should turn off your desktop, but it’s alright to leave the monitor on).
  • maintaining that the policy in the computer labs is to a) never turn off the machines and b) never turn off the monitors (and leave them running a screensaver!).

During the retrofit, the people in charge apparently refused to add insulation (60s building with lots of glass walls). So when you are in one of those rooms, what looks like a solid wall is actually just opaque glass. And then, of course, you have more typical office shenanigans like a lot of people having their own mini-fridge and coffee pots in their offices.

I’m sticking with greenwashing, Mr. Director. And way to dis personal responsibility. The d00dz can learn how to turn off the lights behind them. It’s not that hard.

* for some reason, the people in my building completely ignore the fact that there’s an actual LEED building across the street.

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