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Blue screen of death


Latest news from the ‘you know you’re daft, right?’ files—Bill Gates is part of a group patenting methods to disrupt the formation of hurricanes. Something about a fleet of ships in the Gulf of Mexico churning up cold water from the depths to decrease the surface temperature. We’ll leave the wackaloonery about that alone except to say that 1) they are not the first to think of that, 2) people can MOVE TO LESS VULNERABLE AREAS but it is much harder to maintain or improve the fisheries that would be damaged by the brute force stupid, 3) there are probably much better uses for the massive amounts of cash they would blow on it (like, I don’t know, improving the standard of living for the people most affected by and most vulnerable to storms such as Katrina SO THAT THEY CAN EVACUATE WITH SOME DIGNITY) and 4) how’s that cure for malaria going, Mr. Gates?

Anyway, all I could think of was the BSOD and the likelihood that the technological FAIL a la Windows would result in some sort of mega hurricane roaming the earth. Extreme, I know, but my PC is nothing but trouble and I’m perfectly willing to extrapolate disaster from a sticky caps lock button.

I am always struck by the blinders that get put on when talking about these large scale disasters. Why don’t we talk about preventing malaria with cheap and cost-effective mosquito nets instead of ignoring the preventative measure to go full-bore towards what is essentially a reactionary response? The grandiose measure is not the most necessary one.

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