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A bit of a conundrum


Hypothetical situation (ahem, I have this friend, right)—

This friend would like to start using more eco-friendly cleaning products. But a lot of the eco-friendly products replace something petroleum based (or whatever) with coconut oil. Or maybe even some nut oil, like almond. What’s the big deal, you say? Well, this friend is allergic to tree nuts, coconut and eucalyptus, so using these products could make the friend ill. Or at least itchy and really quite peeved.

So what’s a sensitive neo-environmentalist to do? And note that this applies to personal care products as well—a lot of the “natural” soaps use the same kind of ingredients. I suppose there’s always rolling your own baking soda + <ingredient of your choice> cleaners. Which, I’m sure, some of the more hard core greenies roundly approve of. But we want eco-friendly options for everyone (not saying that there has to be a line of special allergy-sufferer cleaners; rather that we’d like everyone to move towards the eco-friendly options) to succeed and that requires voting with your wallet. So ponder on that.

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