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This solves so many problems


A little late to the game, but this solution for stormwater runoff is still cool. Instead of putting in storm drains every so often, the city put in gaps in the curb to funnel stormwater into a landscaped area. There’s a series of checkdams in there to improve the storage capacity. Fill it with native species or at least low maintenance species and, bang, you’ve got something far nicer than a gaping black hole cluttered with big gulp cups. Less likely to trap a small child too.

Kerb cutouts in Portland

Curb cutouts in Portland

And it solves the problem of idiots parking too close to the intersection, blocking the view of the cross street and making it dangerous to enter the intersection. That is what makes good design—you solve the initial problem without making more problems. It is obviously not something that could be implemented everywhere without some significant modifications (the residential streets around these parts are not nearly that wide), but you know, that strip of nothing between sidewalk and street could be better utilized. Especially since the city owns it anyway (homeowners must maintain it, but it’s not really part of the property).

Finally, Pruned is my favorite new blog. It reminds me of the more science-heavy volumes of Cabinet.

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