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Hooray for venn diagrams and NO!

How to be happy in business venn diagram

How to be happy in business venn diagram

I just keep thinking “How to succeed in business and make friends” but I don’t remember what it’s from. I think I’m doing what I want to do in GIS and developing tools that can help people explore their world and ask questions and wind up with a pretty map at the end. And I’m still getting paid to do it, so that’s 2 out of 3. The final area is more difficult—I don’t think I would ever claim to be an ‘expert’ since there’s always more to learn and there’s certainly always more that I want to learn. But I’m nowhere near that hooray! moment outlined above. Probably because I am not truly in charge of my working world.

Anyway, a couple of important points from the post:

  1. Mediocrity is not a sustainable strategy.
  2. We’ve come across things people want us to do, that we do well (or at least better than the competition) that we really don’t want to do….You’ll hemorrhage your best people, you’ll stop loving what you do, and you’ll lose the passion that built your business in the first place. Start saying ‘No.’

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