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In which I put my eco-rant in the wrong place


My bad. I don’t always compartmentalize well. So if you are interested in a little rant about reusable bags and tree-planting, feel free to go over here. And if not, well, short version:

Grocery store baggers—if I bring canvas bags to the store, I expect the items I purchase to go in said bags. Without you saying “That’s a waste of bag.” Not using the bags is a waste of bags. Idiot.

Who buys trees from the grocery store? Seriously.

Oh, and where am I supposed to stand on the issue of putting raw meats in plastic and then in my reusable bags? That report put out by the plastics guys (or the oil guys, I don’t remember off-hand) did raise a valid point about the cleanliness of the reusable bags (assuming you never wash them or anything). It’s not a reason to return to plastic, but what is the eco-friendly way to avoid cross-contamination for those of us not particularly interested in the full vegetarian/vegan experience? (And don’t try to convince me—I buy raw meat maybe once a month. Go berate my steak-grilling neighbors instead.)

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