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Be still my heart


Over at Pilcrows & Palavers, we’ve talked about type tattoos and The Loom has an ongoing section on science tattoos, but no one has really gotten in to GIS tats. Oh, you can search for them and get a few odd tats of Hawaii or some other country, but you really don’t see any tats of a nice MODIS raster (imagine the spread) or a watershed delineation (and that might reflect a certain lack of flat out dedication to GIS that seems to be driving our world into CS-land or worse, but that’s for another time). And then I found this:

London Underground as cross-stitch

London Underground as cross-stitch

Which is not in fact a tattoo. So I’m not really sure where I was going with this post at all. Maybe something to do with subversive art? We’ll stick with that explanation. Tattoos, despite their current popularity, have always been a little taboo; cross-stitch has not. But when you use the format in new ways or to depict something other than trite prayers or creepy, creepy children’s portraits, it’s subversive somehow. And very cool—transportation networks definitely lend themselves to the stitchery. 

via The Map Room

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