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Developing country == Southeast U.S.?


I’ll start with this map made me laugh out loud. It’s not that I don’t have compassion for developing nations or some weird desire to keep anyone from living a decent dignified life (like to having to sell any part of their body or something). It’s just that I have lived in three of the states included in the “Underdeveloped region” which puts them behind Albania with a per capita GDP of $6000 (via The Map Scroll). And I find that characterization as well within the realm of possibility. 

HDI By State

HDI By State

But before you judge me for my Mason-Dixon latitudinal failings, I’ll just say that you wouldn’t know it by looking or talking to me. One of the few linguistic markers for the southern upbringing is my inability to distinguish between pin/pen when speaking (I can hear it, I just can’t say it) and calling any kind of carbonated beverage Coke (proximity to Atlanta and all that). So it doesn’t come up too often. I do have to say that describing the plural you in the European languages might  have been easier in those parts since y’all already have an equivalent pronoun of sorts. Good times, good times.

Update: so possibly all bunkum. Turns out the numbers may be normalized (the U.S. and global HDI aren’t calculated or scaled the same), but no one is really sure where the data on Wikipedia comes from. The U.S. map from a reliable source still shows those areas as lower in the rankings, though. The final human development map presented there is fantastic—the number of states you have to travel through to get to Canada.

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