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Corner Gas, Canadians & GPS


Canadians are funny. It’s like a law of nature — Kids in the Hall, SCTV (yes, I know it was in Chicago, but a lot of them were Canadian), Dan Ackroyd, Phil Hartman, the McKenzie Brothers, Celine Dion — all hilarious. So it’s no surprise that Corner Gas, a show about a small town in Saskatchewan, is very funny. And in one episode they manage to combine goofy Canadians and GPS. The geekgasm ensues.

The ‘Outside Joke’ episode in Season 4 is all about what happens when GPS goes wrong. I won’t ruin the ending, but basically the townsfolk discover that the gas station, Corner Gas, is not within town limits using the fancy new GPS unit. You can catch the episode here. Just be sure you catch the end of the episode. Well worth the 22 minutes. The episode (An American in Saskatchewan) about the ATM is also very funny. Utopia on the plains.

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