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My place in the world


It’s been a long week. My machine has been a little crashy; the data I’ve been waiting for for the last three months is questionable at best; and there were a bunch of extra people in the building for a meeting unrelated to my life. So I’ve had some time to ponder my place in the world, specifically the ivory tower. And this is what I came up with:
That’s me, below the chickens. It’s like the switch from second to third grade–everybody’s special and important one minute and then, bam, back of the line for cake. So you don’t get cake. Experience, finished work, massive amounts of planning, postponed vacations, nights and weekends working–none of it means a thing if they think you’ve got some extra junk in your pants. Bunkum, my friends, complete and utter bunkum. Boyo failed once, shame on him. Boyo failed twice, shame on you, evil overlord. Boyo failed three times, well, welcome to the university. Freakin’ chickens.

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