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There is so much wrong with this


Let’s start with the premise–some geographers from Kansas State University decided to map the 7 deadly sins across the U.S. First, a few of the maps (I wouldn’t want to unfairly bias you):

Distribution of Envy

Distribution of Envy

Distribution of Greed

Distribution of Greed


First, they mapped this with counties. I’m thinking northern Nevada, for example, is not less of anything other than populated. Second, they used nationally available databases. So rather than defining what characteristics to look for to find greed, they looked at what was available and crammed some relevant looking bits into the greed box. Third, they started in Nevada. Just think about that one for a while.

I would posit that the inhabitants of states like California, Nevada (especially Vegas), New York (just the city), and all parts Detroit are far more envious than this map indicates. I mean, chances are, if you’re in the midwest or certain other parts of the country less hard hit by the recession or drought or monumentally insane perceptions of one’s awesomeness, you’re doing okay. So Vegasites should be super jealous of a mere 10% drop in home values. I don’t think this is well-represented. 

As for greed, well, having spent quite a while in the southern areas, I’m having trouble believing this one. Or really any area, who are we kidding? Seriously, why are New York and DC not massive, pulsing red zits on the eastern seaboard? Phoenix is the greediest part of the country? Right. The literature review should maybe have included some psychology and neurology papers.

Perhaps they’re looking for the next Sodom & Gomorrah to a) shake their fingers at (they are in Kansas) or b) move as far away from as possible to best prepare for the rapture (again Kansas).

via Bioephemera.

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