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Possible help for Arizona’s failing water infrastructure


It looks like it’s from the stimulus funds, but routed through the EPA. Anyway $82 million for water projects throughout the state, some of which should be used for replacing the inefficient and limiting infrastructure (and I mean limiting in terms of actually being able to make the system more efficient as noted here). They’ll probably just spend it all just fixing the shoddy workmanship that’s lead to a number of road collapses in west Tucson over the last few years. That wasn’t aging infrastructure; that’s just bad engineering or construction.

Now if only they would actually listen to the findings of water experts when greenlighting massive new housing developments out in the middle of nowhere with no groundwater (and certainly not even remotely approaching the required amounts to support the community for 50-100 yrs) and clearly no surface water. CAP water isn’t a solution if the river is over-appropriated already.

HT Treehugger.

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