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To space! And beyond!


I can’t even smell peeps anymore without going into a sugar coma, so this will have to be my fun with peeps for the year. A peep, attached to a research ballon, launched into space. With a peeps cam (I don’t think there’s really any polite way to put that) capturing the whole trip. Go watch it here

You done watching? Okay. So that just left so many unanswered questions. What happened to the peep when it landed? Did someone actually eat it? Will there be a astropeeps corps (like the marines or something)?  Why didn’t the peep show any ill effects up there, a la bunnyocalypse? And finally, why wasn’t anyone playing Peter Schilling’s Major Tom (Coming Home) during the launch? I would even accept the new cover by Shiny Toy Guns (from the Lincoln commercial); I love the song that much.

Bunny peep in a vacuum

Bunny peep in a vacuum

I will just say that the sun sparkling off the sugar was quite pretty.

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