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Where was the GIS professional?


I’d bet that the LAPD didn’t bother with one. They’ve got a crime website that puts headquarters right next door to the most crime-ridden place in town, all due to a geocoding error. Actually, it’s probably not fair to say they didn’t get someone with a GIS background working on this; it sounds more like someone made a very short-sighted decision about a default value and no one else ever caught it. So just a massive FAIL of the whole implement-test-revise situation. Given the numbers mentioned in the CNET article, I don’t see how anyone trying this out could have missed it. 

But if they didn’t have a GIS pro, GO GET ONE. I have yet to be involved in a project where the plain jane computer science dweebs got the GIS parts right. Oh, it may have worked, as in there were no errors thrown, but the results were just wrong. Remember the old saying:

Assume makes an ass out of you and me.

Double-check your defaults. Write out your assumptions. And test your app.

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