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Screwing around with Google


This combination of environmental art and GIS is fantastic. Helmut Smits burned out a square of grass (82 x 82 cm sq.), an area that should be the size of a pixel from 1 km. I don’t think I’m going to spend a lot of time poking around Google Maps/Earth to find the dead pixel (hey art guy, give us a hint). Of course, it could be that it isn’t in the base layers yet, depending on when the last images were taken. Maybe the sequel should be someone setting up a Game of Life (Conway) scenario. And then update it before the next image capture cycle. Huh, that would actually be very cool.

Dead pixel in Google Earth (Helmut Smits, 2008)

Dead pixel in Google Earth (Helmut Smits, 2008)

If you want to see more enviro-art, pick up Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides. Well worth the time.

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