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I don’t twitter, but…


These two tweet-streams are awesome, even without reading them. 

First we have a a bakery tweet, not about the baker but about the baked goods. (I’m drooling a bit just going to get the link.) I might have to get a smart phone and plan a vacation so that I can get the tweets and show up at the bakery right when the fresh scones hit the display case. It’s like an updated Krispy Kreme neon sign.

The most recent example:

Bouncy, beautiful cup cakes, nice and iced, plump, and ready for your delight. come and get ’em

Why do I have to live thousands of miles away! 

Alien cupcakes

Alien cupcakes from an unrelated baking experience (via fanpop).

Next we have the Mars mission tweets, here and here. I confess I was a little disappointed that NASA didn’t program the actual robot to tweet, but that is a rather expensive way to get people interested in astronomy. Still a good time. And informative – I didn’t know there was a new opportunity (ha ha) to get your name sent to Mars (here). Mine was on the Phoenix mission and on the mission to Pluto. Now, I have to go get my name sent to Mars again; I’d like to confuse all of the aliens so that they think my name is way more common than it really is. And score another sweet certificate.

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