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One of the Javascript test apps Google developed to put browsers through their paces, Smalltalk is a tweet mapping app for the weather. It maps, in real-time, any tweet in the U.S. having anything to do with weather conditions (although I’m pretty sure some of the fog ones were about parties with fog machines rather than actual foggy conditions). I’m having a little trouble with the GIS part – the points are mapped to a grid with no sign of a base map in site. If you know the shape of the U.S., you’re okay. And if you have a grasp on the shape of 3G coverage or wifi spots or smartphone sales, even better. We don’t get good 3G service in my neck of the woods and you can tell that by the obvious lack of tweets. I mean, I can barely get my coworkers, who aren’t that ancient, to try instant messaging (3-4 out of 30). 


One of the first things I noticed is that it, in FireFox at least, it takes up a lot of resources. Like 50% of my system resources (or 1 CPU). And it’s currently doing the same with Safari on a Mac. To be fair, I haven’t tried it in Chrome, which is the point of the app.

They should totally add another option – Stephen Fry.

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