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Another day is another day


Yep. This time it’s Ada Lovelace Day, March 24. 

I would be a bit more celebratory but it has been a very frustrating year dealing with the boys and their unwavering assumption of awesomeness (and yes, this is snark). So let this be a reminder to you, fellas, the basis for your overestimated skills is a lady. Who could probably handle dates 200 years ago better than the lot of you. You don’t get a cookie for looking through an intro to whatever book, you don’t get a cookie for blaming everyone but yourselves for the epic fails of the past year, and you absolutely do not get a cookie for being unable to append 2 tiny text files together and claiming that it is a complex action. So basically, no cookies for you. 

But, because I love science and technology and Lego, I will leave you with the Lego Difference Engine. Very cool even if it was built by a guy. 

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