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Go celebrate World Water Day


Today, March 22, is World Water Day so go celebrate by taking a shorter shower, planning a low water use garden and washing your clothes/dishes with a full load. And tell yourself that over the course of the year, whenever you’re out working in your yard (if you’ve got one), before you go spraying anything, take a minute to think about where that chemical is going to wind up. When it rains, some of it will get washed down the street, into the storm sewer and into the water supply. So just take a minute to think about whether or not you really want you or your kids drinking it or eating anything else that had contact with it. It’s a little sobering, don’t you think?

And for next year, think about installing a rain barrel or a rain garden. Think about why you absolutely have to have the perfect, bug-free yard. And think about how, in much of the world, potable water in your house is an enormous luxury (I’m talking about you today, Tampa Bay. You guys should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves).

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