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Moffett’s Law


The convenience an interface provides to a user is directly proportional to the difficulty of implementation for the developer.

Another way of stating this is that it is hard to make things easy. When I meet with a developer to review my UI designs, I typically have a number of fallback ideas for aspects of the design that I expect may not fit within the constraints of the project schedule. I have found that a developer is much more likely to entertain my ideal solution as a possibility if I already have Plan B worked out. It never fails—the most compelling parts of the design are those that result in deep sighs and wrinkled foreheads.

But as I told one of my co-workers today, it’s better to inconvenience one developer during implementation than to inconvenience every user for the life of the product.

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I absolutely agree with this. If it were easy to make a nice, functional site or application, then what we’d all be using today would be very different. You also need a project manager who grasps this concept.

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