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Language and the Simpsons


I know I feel embiggened after reading this year’s Simpsons language roundup (HeiDeas). Even better, there’s an archive. If only someone had time to go through the other 15-ish years of episodes. Let’s round up the comic book guy and get started. 

Here’s my favorite:

Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words (2008) 

Language change

The emcee is onstage introducing the final competition in the crossword contest, between Lisa and Gil. 

MC: (Brightly) We’re down to our final two constestants. (Soberly) But before they compete, we would like to pay tribute to all the words that have been removed from the dictionary in the past year. 

(Lights dim, mournful Oscar-style strings swell, as words begin to flash on the screen, with pauses between them for applause in tribute for all these words have contributed):

(scattered applause)
(stronger applause)
(scattered applause)
(scattered applause; strings swell to resolution and…)
(strongest applause)

Reminds me fondly of the name of this blog. I adopted sparsile (and leeftail) from the OED-sponsored Save The Words campaign. I’ll keep using those two to try to keep them out of the next tribute.

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