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Simple survey designs


The GIS has been put on the backburner for a while (my priorities have been over-ruled by some pretty evil overlords), but the web application fun continues. Along those lines, I took some time out for a couple of very important tests – “How Progressive Are You?” and “What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?”. The discussion here will mainly be about the design.

First, the progressive quiz. 

It’s pretty simple – a question, numbered so you know where you are, and a range across the bottom. Participating is just as simple – click a number and move to the next question. What’s nice about this survey is that the range description is always visible; you don’t have to scroll up to remember what the numbers mean and it doesn’t change. And you don’t have to scroll at all, so that’s always a bonus.

And now the zombie quiz.


This is a similar design – you see one question at a time. The answers are just links and again, it’s clear what you’re selecting. If you don’t know you’re clicking 1, then you probably wouldn’t survive the zombies anyway. No, the nice part about this quiz is the progress bar above the question. As you answer the questions, the strip increases based on your response. Obviously, in our example question, if you click 3, it doesn’t move at all. So as you answer, you get immediate feedback. That might be nice if you were answering all of the questions like 3 here. If the progress bar never really gets over 10%, you should have a pretty clear idea where you stand without finishing the quiz. 

Nice, simple designs. No extra junk cluttering up the interface. No need to have a lengthy introduction to how to interact with the survey. Now we just need to extend these principles to more complicated surveys.

Perhaps we’ll go into the intersection of left-leaning politics and zombie apocalypses later. Although I do think that conservatives, particularly “compassionate” conservatives are more zombie-like than the liberals. Isn’t that half the point of being liberal, caring for your fellow man? I suppose there could be vegetarian zombies out there somewhere.

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