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Pinging ScienceBlogs


Earlier this winter, I decided to see how often I read ScienceBlogs in a week. Hooray for time sucks! And statistical analysis of said time sucks. Here are the results.

Google Chart

Blue represents the number of times I visited the 24 hours page; red the number of posts read. 

I read more headlines than posts, but don’t feel bad ScienceBloggers – without Palin, I don’t read as much of the political stuff anymore. Roughly half the time I read a story per visit to the 24 hour page. Not bad really.

For any real analysis, I’d have to track page hits over a month or two with time spent per page or something. Massive time suck! Although I have to see, some of the posts have been relevant to my interests; posts about color perception, for example, do apply to cartography. Maybe I’ll write a grant to cover the effort. Definitely fundable work, I think. Definitely.

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